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Another Successful Home Defense in San Jose

20 July 2011
Li Li Liu, a San Jose Home Defenders League leader, fell behind on her mortgage payments two years ago after she broke her hip in an accident and had to spend time in the hospital to undergo surgery. Li Li applied to her bank for a loan modification but in the end she was rejected three different times by Citibank for a modification. She was fed up and angry....

and desperate to save her house, when she saw an article about the Home Defenders League in a local Newspaper. She decided to call and see if HDL could help save her home. HDL members did three different actions on Citibank branches in San Francisco and San Jose demanding that the bank give Li Li a Loan Modification. As a result of these actions, in mid-July Li Li was invited to join members of the California Reinvestment Coalition to meet with Bryan Bolton, Citibank's national Director of Loss Mitigation, at Citibank's corporate offices in San Francisco. After the meeting Li Li was able to meet with Bryan one on one to discuss her case. Li Li had recently been put into a trial modification and having made her payments she wanted to make sure she was going to receive a permanent loan modification. Bryan Bolton confirmed that once she made her third payment she would be approved for a permanent modification! Outside Citibank's offices Li Li was excited about the positive outcome. As she said "Now when I come home at night I can just relax and don't have to worry about losing my home. It just shows you that if people come together and fight back we can win!" On July 15, Li Li received a package in the mail informing her that she had indeed been approved for a permanent, affordable loan modification by Citibank! Congratulations Li Li!!