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Richmond ACCE Fights to Clean Up Blighted Neighborhoods

19 August 2011
Richmond - The Richmond chapter of Contra Costa ACCE continues their effort to address neighborhood bank blight and illegal dumping, an ongoing struggle in the wake of the foreclosure crisis. Thursday, July 12th, Richmond ACCE took action and led a "Neighborhood Reality Tour" with city staff and elected officials, highlighting foreclosed and abandoned properties and sites in North Richmond left behind by banks and absentee landlords. Over 50 local residents joined Mayor McGlaughlin, Councilmembers Jovanka Beckles, and Corky Booze, City Manager Bill Lyndsey, and Code Enforcement Manager Tim Higares to support the Richmond ACCE strategy to begin to take back control of the neighborhoods from this continuing problem in the community.

The tour highlighted several sites in North Richmond neighborhoods where homes have been left unmaintained and blighted. In many cases, neglected homes contribute to greater problems in these neighborhoods including illegal dumping, crime and violence, health hazards, lower property values, and they deter businesses from locating in these neighborhoods that are already lacking in jobs.

The community leaders presented their priorities to city officials and staff to address this issue. ACCE priorities included immediate cleanup of identified properties in North Richmond and implementing the city's new mobile camera and gated alleyway programs to an illegal dumping "hot spot" in the Iron Triangle Neighborhood. The event was covered by multiple media outlets: