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Reduce Community Debt to Wall Street in your community

Even though our communities are in crisis, the big banks on Wall Street continue to fleece us on bad deals that have cost taxpayers more than $50 billion since 2008. Now we have learned that the banks illegally manipulated interest rates to increase their profits and pad their bonus checks at taxpayers' expense. Meanwhile, the big banks are doing nothing to help the 16 million homeowners nationally that are struggling with underwater mortgage debt or the thousands of families that are being foreclosed on everyday. We need to demand a better deal for our communities! Have your city council a pass resolution holding the banks accountable. Using the model resolution (download by clicking here), select the issues that are applicable in your area, and demand that your city council pass the resolution to renegotiate community debt.

If you are interested in organizing a "Reduce Community Debt" campaign in your community contact the ReFund California coalition at

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